Please print and fill out this application, bring to Lanmar Corp. 362 Central Avenue, Pawtucket, R.I 02860

Application fee of 25$ will be due when you drop off the application

Required items - license, two most recent pay stubs, and application fee 

Lanmar Corporation                                         LANMAR CORP-RENTAL APPLICATION      Date: __________

 362 Central Ave                                                                                               

Pawtucket, RI 02860              

(401) 723-4012                                                        Email: ___________________________ (email required)


Applicant’s Name (Print)               Social Security #                Phone: Work#           Home#          Cell#

Are You of Legal Age?                 Are You A Legal Resident of the U.S.?      (If not, you will need to show proof)

   Yes      No                                 Yes      No        If   No - Alien Registration #  

Names of Other Occupants Including Children

___________________________________________________              Bedrooms Needed:      1     2


Present Address (Street)   Apt. #                                   City                                   State            Zip code

Current Landlord (Owner/Management Co.)                Address                             Phone#

Do you have a Lease? Expires?                            Rental Amount?                             Are Utilities Included?

                  Yes     No

How Long Have You Lived There?

Previous Address (Street)      Apt.#                              City                                State                 Zip code                    

Previous Landlord (Owner/Management Co)              Address                             Phone #                                       

Current Employer                    Full Time? Part Time?                                        Student?             

Employer’sAddress                   City                      State                                   Phone #

How long Working?                     Position?                                                    Monthly Pay?

Do You Have a Housing Voucher? Section 8?  if so, Amount Given?

Please list any other income that you may receive and from what source is this income derived?

If Employed by Above For Less Than 3 Years, Give Name & Address of Previous Employer(s)

Please Give (2) Personal References

Name                                   Address                                   Phone #

Name                                   Address                                   Phone #

Bank References/ Bank Name:


Drivers License#:                    Car/Color:                Make:                   Year:         Plate#:

X                                                                                 Today’s Date:

Please, Sign above where (X) is, Credit Check/Bureau of Criminal Identification Waiver              

Please, Present State Photo ID & Current Proof of Income, In Person & Sign Above. This Application Must be Completely Filled Out by Every Adult who is Going to Live in the Apartment.  Having Accounts Closed for Non Payments or Unfavorable Previous Landlord Referrals will Result in Denial of the Apartment.